The One Where It Snowed In Nashville!

Now I know what you're all thinking, "yeah Shelby of course it snowed in Nashville, thats not unusual", but really it sort of is. Nashville is known for getting these random snow flurries when we are expected to get "snow." Occasionally, every so many years, we will actually get a really good snow. The last time I actually got to play in the snow was January or February of 2010, and Mia has NEVER seen snow! My cousins and I were all at my grandparents house in 2010 playing in the snow, since we got quite a bit! We were there because my aunt Cindy had just had a liver transplant on December 26th, so their family was staying with my grandparents to have help caring for her as she was recovering. Since then, Nashville has had a couple of other snow falls, but with me living in Florida, I didn't get to see them.

People in Florida see the side of me that gets cold easily or is cold most of the time, so they have a hard time believing that I actually missed the snow. A lot of people think that it doesn't even snow in Nashville... Which I guess is true for the most part, but I have seen and enjoy it! I think that not having it all of the winter does help make it have that more exciting effect. I would probably feel different about it if I was to live up north where there was just feet of snow all of the time, or who knows, maybe I would love it?!

OK now back to the snow we had last month! If you follow me on social media you have seen that I have been in Nashville for a while now. While I was in Nashville for a heartbreaking situation, I did find joy in the snow during the difficult times. I truly felt like a kid again getting excited that I would be waking up to snow the next morning! My cousins and I were staying at my grandparents again, just like in 2010, so I knew that the following days would be filled with activities outside enjoying it all. We had a layer of ice, snow, and then ice again so it was perfect conditions for sledding, so that is exactly what we did! We would go out two to three times a day to go sledding down my grandparents driveway, their back field, or down their roads with hills! We even went exploring back in the woods behind their house, and no snow day is complete without building a snowman!

This post isn't one of those that is supposed to have some deep meaning or realization, but just to talk about one of the happy moments in my life! Things up to this point on my blog have been pretty serious, so I wanted a more upbeat post to share! So here's some of my favorite moments from our "every 5 year big snow" in Nashville!

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